Cancellation and No-Show Policy

If you have scheduled an appointment we are waiting to serve you. When you do not show up to your appointment we miss the opportunity to put someone else in that time slot. That person may be desperately trying to fit an appointment into their busy schedule. Please respect our time and the appointment needs of others. If you are running late, your treatment will not be pro-rated as this time was reserved solely for you. We DO NOT charge for appointment cancellations if you have called ahead with a 24-hour notice. If a 24-hour notice is not given you will be charged for the scheduled appointment. If you have not prepaid, you be charged at your next appointment.


To all past and new clients: We are switching to a new booking platform. Please use the “Book Now” button for all future appointment setting. If you already booked an appointment on the old platform, do not cancel. You can still visit the old platform here to review any information, but please do not use the old platform for setting any future appointments. Any past clients are encouraged to make a new account on the new platform to help ease this transition. Click “login” then “create new profile”. Thank you!