Questions & Answers

If you have additional questions it’s best to book a
FREE consultation.

Otherwise, you can text Jamie or Carla.

COVID-19 Procedures

Please remain outside or in your vehicle until we greet you at the door. When you arrive, TEXT: 

Jamie (920) 850-5071

Carla (920) 257-9724

Clients should come to the office wearing their own personal mask. Masks must remain on unless your provider asks you to remove it.

Your provider may conduct a screening for COVID-19 risk factors and take your temperature.

Only the client being treated will be allowed in the building.

Limit the number of personal items you bring into the office.

Clients are asked to use the restroom elsewhere before their appointment and only use our restroom if necessary. Please use paper towel on the faucet, to flush, for the light switch and to open the door.