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Electrolysis has been the only approved and effective form of permanent hair removal since 1875. Since 1999 electrolysis has been the only FDA approved form of permanent hair removal. A tried and true method for removing unwanted hair. The procedure involves gliding a fine sterile probe into each follicle alongside the hair shaft. A small, controlled, amount of electrical current is applied to the probe to target the germinative cells (dermal papilla) and the tiny blood supply that nourish the hair; this inhibits the ability of hair re-growth.

Electrolysis can be performed on any hair color, hair thickness, and any skin tone. Electrolysis can treat any stage of hair growth. Only external areas of the body may be treated. Electrolysis cannot be performed in mucus membranes.

Some restrictions apply based on discretion of the electrologist.

Women: upper lip, chin, cheeks, eyebrows, underarms, hairline, widows peek, neck line, breasts, chest, tummy, toes, arms, and bikini line.

Men: ears, eyebrows, top of nose, arms, fingers, back, neck, shoulders, chest, and facial hair.

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Xtreme Lashes
[ semi-permanent eyelash extensions]

These semi-permanent eyelash extensions are natural-looking, synthetic, eyelashes. During the application of your extensions, your stylist will isolate an individual natural lash, then she will expertly bond one eyelash extension to one natural lash. This technique creates a seamless look and feel as if these eyelash extensions were your own. Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions were developed to mimic your natural lashes. It’s design features a tapered tip with a thicker base to resemble the look and feel of a natural lash. The luxurious natural look of eyelash extensions is achieved by a meticulous and artful application.

You can expect your initial eyelash extension procedure to be scheduled for up to 2.5 hours. This time allows you to rest and be pampered as your Xtreme Lashes lash stylist transforms your lashes to the customized lash look just for you.

Prior to the application, your stylist will conduct a consultation allowing you the opportunity to help design your customized lash look. Additionally, your stylist may ask questions about your health and lifestyle to ensure Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions are right for you.

During your Xtreme Lashes eyelash extension application, you will comfortably recline with your eyes closed. The application is painless and relaxing. Clients often tend to fall asleep then awaken to longer, thicker, darker, and more voluminous lashes.

Xtreme Lashes
[ semi-permanent eyelash extensions]

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